it's tough
that's why it works

Pack classes and boost income immediately with Metafit!

Are you a group exercise instructor or personal trainer? If yes, you can join over 15000 qualified Metafit coaches worldwide and deliver Metafit HIIT workouts that fire up the metabolism, work muscle and ultimately burn fat.

There are no facility license fees, and coaches can use Metafit inside or outdoors, in studio or gym timetabled classes as well as in private 1-on-1 sessions. Save hours of time planning and deliver military-inspired, client focused workouts that stick to true principles of HIIT.

After completing a one-day Metafit certification, coaches receive monthly workouts, with license-free music/voice commands, marketing resources and videos. All Metafit workouts – and there are over 80 of them – have their own title branding, format and exercises and vary in length between 16 and 25 minutes. 

Metafit is a highly effective tool for any fitness professional looking to save time, pack classes and boost revenue. 


1 Day Metafit Workshop 

  • Masterclass

  • Science Behind 'true' HIIT Principles (no equipment, no choreography, max effort).

  • Mobility/Preparation Warm Ups

  • Teaching Metafit 

  • Verbal/ Non-Verbal Coaching

  • Exercise Modifications (regressions/ progressions)

  • Practical Assessment 

  • Marketing Metafit

  • ACE (0.6), AFAA (6), NASM (0.6)

Once certified subscribe to our monthly music downloads, workout videos, marketing material and more for $12.95 per month. 

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